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The workflow runtime API posts a message to the message queue.

pasinaudoti akcijų pasirinkimo prasme

The messaging batch job reads the message and sends a workflow activation request to the managed workflow runtime. NOTE] The messaging batch job processes the message queue at one-minute intervals.

After the message is posted, the managed workflow runtime saves the idle workflow instance to the database.

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The runtime then removes the workflow instance from memory. Each workflow instance is unique.

Vežimą: 1. Visi užsakymai bus išsiųsti per 3 darbo dienas po apmokėjimo aišku, prašome įsitikinkite, kad jūsų pristatymo adresas yra corret ir telefono numeris yra rengiama.

If two users submit their expense reports for approval, two workflow instances are started. The batch job then posts an acknowledgment message that the event was processed.

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The workflow architecture helps provide a reliable and durable messaging system, and also helps guarantee that the state of the workflow is always synchronized with the state of the application. If an unexpected hardware or software failure occurs, the workflow instance state is returned to its last known saved point, and the message stays in the queue.

Therefore, from an architecture perspective, the recovery model is to fix the problem and resume the workflow.